Saraye Burgess

Saraye Burgess

Nail Tech



Business & location


DC 20018

Services offered

Medium Length Nails

Square Shaped Nails

Acrylic Nails

Black (Nail Color)

Pink (Nail Color)

Jeweled Nails

French Manicure

White (Nail Color)


Nail Art

Red (Nail Color)

Beige (Nail Color)

3D Nails

Ombré Nails

XL Length Nails

Matte (Nail Color)

Stiletto Shaped Nails

Hand Painted Nails

Coffin Shaped Nails

Dip Powder Nails

Gel Manicure


Clear (Nail Color)

Brown (Nail Color)

Orange (Nail Color)

Pastel (Nail Color)

Glitter (Nail Color)

Purple (Nail Color)

Blue (Nail Color)

Glass (Nail Color)

Light Green (Nail Color)

Neon (Nail Color)

Gold (Nail Color)

Yellow (Nail Color)

Green (Nail Color)

Mix-and-Match Nails

Nail Stickers

Short Nails

Long Nails


Washington D.C @SemiNailedit on Instagram Books are open💓 deposit required to book. Contact me for my booking website.

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