Becky Stahnke

Becky Stahnke

Portland, OR

Licensed Nail Technician



Business & location

Nail Freude / Polished in Portland

6004 Southeast Foster Road Portland, OR 97206

Services offered

Stiletto Shaped Nails

French Manicure

Jeweled Nails

Nail Art

Medium Length Nails

Long Nails

Hand Painted Nails

Purple (Nail Color)

Pink (Nail Color)

Gel Manicure

Almond Shaped Nails



Short Nails

Square Shaped Nails

Squoval Shaped Nails

Mix-and-Match Nails

Black (Nail Color)

Red (Nail Color)

White (Nail Color)


I specialize in gel extensions, structured gel manicures, soft gel and hard gel overlays, and advanced nail art. I am certified in Aprés Gel-X, Kokoist, The Gel Bottle, and Luminary. My background includes formal education at Portland Beauty Academy and the aforementioned certifications. In addition to these techniques, I have an extensive background in art. I started as a writer, then began sketching in 2018. I have over 100 hours of additional, specialized training in several variations of art.

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