Image of  Women's Hair, Blowout, Hair Color, Balayage, Blonde, Brunette, Fashion Color, Foilayage, Full Color, Highlights, Ombré, Long Hair (Upper Back Length), Hair Length , Long Hair (Mid Back Length), Layers, Haircut , Beachy Waves, Hairstyle
Rosy Martinez

Rosy Martinez

Corona del Mar, CA

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Women's Hair,


Hair Color (Women's Hair),

Balayage (Women's Hair Color),

Blonde (Women's Hair Color),

Brunette (Women's Hair Color),

Fashion Color (Women's Hair),


Full Color (Women's Hair Color),

Highlights (Women's Hair Color),

Ombré (Women's Hair Color),

Long Hair (Upper Back Length),

Hair Length (Women's Hair),

Long Hair (Mid Back Length),

Layers (Haircut),

Haircut (Women's Hair),

Beachy Waves (Hairstyle),

Hairstyle (Women's Hair)


Hairstyles by Rosy - Ty Alexander Salon

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Rosy Martinez