Image of  Women's Hair, Color Correction, Hair Color, Full Color, Red, Hair Length , Short Hair (Ear Length), Pixie, Haircut , Shaved (Women's Haircut), Curly, Coily
Dionna Richardson

Dionna Richardson

Concord, CA

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Women's Hair,

Color Correction (Women's Hair Color),

Hair Color (Women's Hair),

Full Color (Women's Hair Color),

Red (Women's Hair Color),

Hair Length (Women's Hair),

Short Hair (Ear Length),

Pixie (Women's Hair),

Haircut (Women's Hair),

Shaved (Women's Haircut),

Curly Textured (Women's Hair),

Coily (Hair)


A Taste of Beauty by Dionna

3493 Clayton Rd clayton Road Concord, CA 94518

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Dionna Richardson