Image of  Women's Hair, Balayage, Hair Color, Color Correction, Fashion Color, Long Hair (Upper Back Length), Hair Length , Curly, Haircut , Layers, Beachy Waves, Hairstyle


Charleston, SC

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Women's Hair,

Balayage (Women's Hair Color),

Hair Color (Women's Hair),

Color Correction (Women's Hair Color),

Fashion Color (Women's Hair),

Long Hair (Upper Back Length),

Hair Length (Women's Hair),

Curly Textured (Women's Hair),

Haircut (Women's Hair),

Layers (Haircut),

Beachy Waves (Hairstyle),

Hairstyle (Women's Hair)


Lava Salon - Avondale

811B Savannah Hwy Savannah Highway Charleston, SC 29407

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